Wrestling with relationships, communication, how to be a good dad?

Dealing with a separation, divorce, job loss… feel empty and alone?

Doesn’t matter what you try, it just doesn’t work out?

Men who have survived these challenges have helped develop programs that answer questions and provide direction!

Intended to help participants understand and better participate in their relationships, the Men’s Support services present opportunities to explore what was and understand how things came to be.  Given these opportunities and pointers to deal with the current situations the participants encourage and support each other to plan & initiate change and develop a better personal foundation.

Many men choose a new direction for themselves and take the first steps to become the person they truly want to be.

"You don't need to go it alone!"

Contact Assessment & Short-Term Counselling 780-496-4777 for information:

·       Men Without Hats - Weekly Drop-in, available all year, north and south side locations.

·       Men's Talk & Do - Structured Weekly program, Winter and Fall Sessions

·       Men & Relationships - Structured Concentrated Weekend, Winter and Fall Sessions

·       From Chaos To Peace - Structured Weekly program, for male victims of partner abuse

Community Services also provides support to:

·       G.A.T.T.E. - Men's Support & Mentor group

·       "The Men of Honor Dinner" - fund raiser for the  Prostitution Action Awareness Foundation of Edmonton